Experience the Harrington Home Painting difference!

You have probably already done some dreaming and planning for your new interior or exterior painting project.

With Harrington Home Painting, you know what to expect every step of the way. Gather as much information as possible for your first Harrington Home Painting consultation. We have a professional team that can create a plan to fit your project needs, style and budget. We aim to make the painting experience as comfortable as possible, with no unexpected costs or delays.

What’s Next?

Phone Conversation

We need to know a few things which will help us in determining if Harrington Home Painting is the appropriate contractor for your painting needs, such as: Are you in our service area? When would you like your project to start and what is your estimated budget? Do you need color consultation? Please contact us at 972-985-1793 or send an e-mail to lee@harringtonhomepainting.com to get started. Lee Harrington will set an appointment with you and prepare your proposal based on your painting ideas or those of your decorator.


Upon selection of Harrington Home Painting as your painting contractor, Lee Harrington will review the work plan with you, from project timeline to budget considerations and payment terms. The next step would be to enter into a painting agreement so that the actual work can begin.


With Harrington Home Painting, you receive individual attention both in the field and in the office from start to finish. We believe this runs almost seamlessly and transparently to you. Communication is the key to completing a quality, on time project to meet or exceed your expectations. Painting processes begin after an on-site walk through of the areas to be painted with the team leader assigned. Items covered include: Identifying areas that need to be cleared and protected, approved hours of work, home security, and the need for temporary facilities for kitchen and bath functions when painting begins. Of course, the team will learn or confirm what colors are to be used and where they will be painted.

Protective covers to flooring and plastic barriers are always installed to minimize any inconveniences of painting. A clean job site is a safe job site, not only for workers, but also for homeowners. Harrington Home Painting will ensure your project is clean on a daily basis as well as at the completion of your home painting project.

Change Orders

Any change to the scope of your project is properly handled with a written change order, which is normally e-mailed to you. In some cases, you may authorize small additions at the time and material rate verbally with the team leader or the office. Changes are considered addendums to our painting agreement and could affect the project completion date.


When your project nears completion, the team leader conducts a walk-through with you to identify any outstanding items. Once all items have been completed, it is reviewed again and the team leader presents the bill. At that time you provide the payment to the team leader made payable to Harrington Home Painting. The team leader will also ask you to complete the Quality Survey, which you may provide to him, place in an envelope or mail to us the next day. In this manner, the team leader and his associates retain a vested ownership of in job. Each team is operated as a micro-business unit by the team leader.

At this time we may ask for your permission to take photographs for our Showcase Gallery, which will change from time to time. We are proud of our finished projects, and we rely on you to provide us referrals from your circle of friends and associates at work, church, clubs or among your family.

Thank you for taking the time to review our painting process. We hope it has helped you visualize your home project. Please contact us at 972-985-1793 or lee@harringtonhomepainting.com to get started.